Saturday, 18 June 2011

Runway Run Race Report.

Now THAT was five kays. Very cool race on the runway of Toronto Pearson Airport (when did they change the name?) while real live planes were landing and taking off right beside us.

Mad photo editing skills.

I thought we were all going to do the airplane.  Embarrassing. 
If I had concentrated more, I might have beaten Steven Spielberg there.

You know what else was cool about running on a runway?  There aren't any hills.  You know what happened because there weren't any hills? 

5K-under-30-minute goal smack-down!

But the real star of the show?

No, not this guy.

This guy!

That's right. He's Number 2! 

And Number 1 Dad. 

Happy Fathers' Day!


  1. Nice! Congrats on your PR! I totally would have done airplane arms (maybe for the whole race). Was it windy because of the planes??

  2. I need to do this race! I'll even do the airplane.

    CONGRATS on your sub-30 (with lots to spare). Very nice! Big congrats to your speedy hub too!

  3. Did you find it really windy though? When I did it last year the 1st 2.5k was SO, SO windy!

    Glad you had fun today! You had great weather too :)

  4. I really need to do this race! I was probably landing right next to you :)

  5. Wohoo awesome PR!
    Congrats to your Hubby for the great place!

  6. That is really cool, never heard of that 5km. I will have to check it out next year.

  7. Yay for both you and your husband! Doing the airplane should have been required!

  8. AWESOME!! Congrats to you both.

  9. Great results, congratulations. I hope to be able to do this race one day but it's always on my daughter's birthday weekend. WTG!