Saturday, 2 July 2011

Pride & Remembrance 5k Race Report

That was so much fun.

Gay Pride 2011 is well underway here in Toronto (someone tell the mayor) and today was the 5k.  Phil and I ran this race last year and it was my PR, until the Runway Run 2 weeks ago (that's 29:04, in case I didn't spell it out then).  It's a pretty flat course, but it's no runway -- small inclines and more turns -- so I was just hoping to beat last year's time (31:12).  I've also been back to birthin' babies, so my sleep schedule, and therefore running schedule, have been outta whack.  Sounds like I'm getting ALL the excuses in up front.

Proud to be a member of 11th place Team Beaverhausen.
Next year, I'll wear the race shirt.
Although the 5k race is just a small part of the 10-day long celebrations, it is extremely well organized.  Gender specific tech shirts, chip timing, water stations and hugely good food at the after party including individually packaged pasta salad, bananas, yogurt, coffee (my favourite thing) and CAKE!  Several different varieties of CAKE from Dufflet Pastries. 

And so many things to take in, not seen at most races.

enthusiastic teams

hyper-friendly mascots

a jock strap booth

It's also the most incredibly welcoming, inclusive, supportive race I've run, with the absolute best cheering crowd at the finish line.  I hope I can run this one many more times.

Looking good, Tim.
Spain has cars, though, right?

Mel and Steve came with us this year, and the race also marked the return of Tim!  Last month, Tim walked across Spain (I know...what?) and unfortunately re-injured himself, but still had a great time.

Phil managed an outstanding PR and broke 22 minutes, coming in 8th in his age category.

Mel shaved 20 seconds off her 5k PR.
Steve sailed across the finish line 36 seconds faster than ever before.

And me?

Well, I beat this guy:

but not this guy:

or this gal:

But I did beat my Runway Run PR. 

28:49.  W00T!

I still cannot believe it.  The course wasn't even short.  My new season goal:  sub-28-minute-5k.  You saw it here first.

Happy National Birthday weekend, everyone!


  1. Congrats, Barbie! That's crazy fast!

  2. Fantastic result, congratulations! Looks like a fun event

  3. Congrats and yes it was an awesome morning - it was so good being back on the circuit with you guys - I'm working hard to rest and recovery and get back to my form.

  4. What a crazy fun race!! CONGRATS on a new PR. You're on fire!