Friday, 10 December 2010

Some things on a Friday

I missed "Three Things Thursday"  and it's not really a "Foto Friday", so I made up my own catchy title.

1.  I have the Egg Nog Jog on Sunday and it's freaking me out.  Hilliness, a possible snowstorm and very little running this week make we want to bail.  And I read that this guy, who runs ultras, thinks this little 10.8k is a REALLY TOUGH RACE!  Confidence booster for sure.  But I will do it anyway, though I may end up last of 600.  The hot chocolate at the end better be good.

2. The pool is being filled as I type.  They finished putting the liner in today since it wasn't snowing. We've been told to leave the hose going all night and they'll be back in the morning.  SWEET!  Swimming tomorrow! 

Pre-liner.  The wrought iron is not as close to the deck as it looks.
Note the beautiful wood fence.  It used to be a 4 foot high chain-link eyesore.

3.  My awesome boy, Charlie, shone brightly in Wednesday night's middle school Christmas concert.  By far the most talented kid there.  And the most handsome.  Luckily, we only missed a few minutes of Survivor.  I have yet to miss an episode since it started.  Seriously.

So stinking cute. The evil Band teacher made him
tuck in his shirt, which he's still complaining about.
I think he should have been more worried about the
possessed kid beside him.

Off to bed soon to try to catch up on some sleep before Sunday.  Have a great weekend.


  1. I hope the run went well! I was last in a race once, but it was a small one so I just say I came in 33rd and it sounds much better. ;)

  2. Great! I hope the run went well. I hope you took Chris's opinion as his own. You're the author of your own history!

  3. wait. pool in the winter?! with snow?! swim tomorrow?! please tell me i read that wrong. hope your race went REALLY well!!!