Saturday, 19 February 2011

Work sure gets in the way of living.

Wow. I've been totally consumed the past month with opening up the new midwifery practice.  I just have to share our practice's logo cuz I think it's too cute:

Otherwise, I've been spending far too much time doing work on the computer (which makes blog entries just another chore) and no time seeing pregnant women and their babies. It all changes this week though as the paperwork, accounting and computer system set up should be pretty much in place.  We officially opened up last Monday, just by posting our phone number, and have already filled most of the spots we had.  Nice problem to have.

I've been slacking in the running department, and have only been able to get in a few longish runs.  I've been keeping up with bootcamp though, and trying to give it all I've got when I'm there, so hopefully I haven't lost too much fitness.  Training for the Toronto Women's Half Marathon (May 29) starts this week.  I'm using a plan from an old Women's Running magazine, so hopefully can rack up a PR.

Off to catch up on about a billion blogs.  Have a great weekend -- hope it's a long one for you too.


  1. The logo is great! Congrats on the new clinic.

    Great job keeping up with some running and bootcamp!

  2. Adorable Logo! I'm training for the same half, maybe we could "run" into each other.

  3. nice logo, but why are the children emerging from coloured egg shells? plus what if their parents didn't have curly hair ... are you sure you need to confuse parents at this happy time so much? :)