Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Stylish? You bet. That's me.

I'm officially the last person on the internet to be awarded the Stylish Blogger honour (thanks, Running Lawyer), but seem to be having some trouble downloading the icon.  I'm sure you've seen it everywhere else though.  Here's seven things about me you NEED to know:

Not really ours -- neighbourhood peer
pressure demands the gray garbage bin
be smaller than the blue recycler.
 1.  I have an unnatural fondness for our city garbage/recycling system and for my personal household set up.  Everything is on wheels and has a special spot in the garage for easy access.  I read the special calendar from cover to cover.  Our garbageman sanitation engineer waves at us every week and gets a very nice Christmas bonus.

The grossest one for sure,
but even the organic waste is manageable.

2.  Perhaps related to (1.), I am the opposite of a hoarder.  I am not sentimental about stuff.  I put my wedding gown in the Goodwill donation box.  My sisters bring their childhood stuff to my house because they know I can dispose of it without guilt.  Needless to say, this does not apply to race medals.

3.  And yet, I never miss an episode of "Hoarders" or "Hoarding: Life Under the Pile of Crap" or whatever it's called.  I've also never had a weight problem (5lb here or there) but LOVE the new reality show "Heavy".

4.  My brother is a physics nerd and teaches at our local high school.  My son, Sam, is in his Grade 9 homeroom and science class.  Apparently, the Toronto District School Board does not consider this a conflict of interest.  Parent-teacher interviews are interesting.  Should anything under an A+ be acceptable?  I got my brother an extra present at Christmas this year.  I'm trying to think of something nice for St. Patrick's Day too.

5.  I hate bananas but love banana flavour.

6.  I go to NYC every year with my sisters and niece.  My new tradition is to get a picture with Batman in Times Square. 


2010. He did lift me up again,but I like
this picture better 'cuz I look like a little
girl meeting Cinderella at Disney World. 


7.  I love my midwife job, and I love babies, and I loved my boy babies in particular, but if I had to go back to taking care of a newborn 24/7, I don't think I'd make it through a week.

Like I said earlier, I am the last to receive this award, so can't find anyone else on the internet to tag.  Spoil sport, I know.  Go ahead and tell us 7 things if you want!


  1. Oh too funny, I LOVE garbage day!! Here's a trick I do with my green bin. I put compost stuff in bags and keep them in the freezer til recycle day. On recycle day I simply pop the frozen bags into the green bin and take it to the curb. No bad smell, no bugs AND no animals trying to take down your green bin.

  2. I am also a non-hoarder who loves to watch Hoarders. It's mesmerizing. I get sucked in every time!

  3. Happy you got it last - as yours was the icing!

    Good job batgirl.

  4. ha ha I never saw the Batman in Times Square! That's a cool tradition :)

  5. love this! Love #6 & 7. awesome.

  6. I need to learn some unhoarding skills from you.
    I go through phases - a hoarder for a while, and then, I will dispose of everything.

  7. I love to throw things out, I feel like it settles my brain. I already have a garage sale pile going, spring is a long way away though!

  8. Have mercy! Can I just say - I simply adore your blog! I just love your writing style!!!