Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Back at it.

Looking forward to spending my day doing this sort of thing. 
Best part is always the feet sticking out of the sling scale.
 Vacation is certainly over.  Lots of meetings and sourcing and e-mails about the new practice I'm starting (expecting the babies to start rolling in by May/June).  No more sleeping all night every night and no more "I'll be there for sure" lunch dates once that starts happening.  Good thing I like my job so much! 

I have been hitting my runs planned, though I've moved some of them inside.  I can take cold, but not wind and slush, unless I'm getting a medal at the end.   Bootcamp starts again tonight too and I'm seriously looking forward to all those burpees and Turkish get-ups.  I promise, they're harder than they look.


  1. Congrats on getting started again (doesn't it feel good??) and best of luck with the new practice!

  2. Good luck with the new practice!

    I knew that everyone in the rest of U.S. and Canada would laugh at what a big deal we made out of 3 inches of snow. Hahah.

  3. Get-ups and Burpees???? I cringes when I read this..... Good luck.

  4. turkish-get ups!

    The people that invent these things are insane

    next it will be "stand-ups-from-under-a-mattress-while-putting-socks-on" x10 rst for 30 seconds and then do another set.

  5. You've been given the Stylish Blogger award! Come over to my blog and find out more!


  6. Can't imagine running in Canada in Winter. 20 degrees F is as cold as I've ever ran it.