Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Busy week

Whew!  I'm exhausted.  I've only run 3.5 easy miles since Saturday's intervals because of huge and exciting developments on the job front.  I'm starting a new midwifery practice with a friend and colleague.  Practices in Ontario are funded by the provincial government, and a delay in the budget approval process meant a delay in finding out if our proposal was successful or not.  Whoopee!  We were! VERY long wait.

But I did make it to boot camp last night.  This is my fourth 4-week session and it's just as hard as it was at the beginning.  My weights are heavier now and I put more into the exercises, even when the instructor isn't looking.  I tried it out because I really only like classes at gyms, so thought I should only pay for them.  They are fabulous in the warmer months -- all outside, rain or shine.  The wintry sessions are in a junior school gym and it does bring flashbacks. Sore shoulders and quads today for sure. Bodybusters is the one I go to, but there are several around the city.  Something different every time.


  1. Congratulations on the midwifery practice! That is great news!

    Boot camp sounds tough - I've never braved that.

  2. the outside workout sound great! Congrats on your new practice!

  3. Is there anything in the rules about who you choose to assist or the hours you need to be available?

    We have two family members who are midwives in Sunnybrook and they had trouble because they wanted to limit their private practice to low-income families and they were declined because they were using "arbitrary discretion" in whom they chose to help.

    I guess if they left that out of their purposes they might have gotten the funding ... dunno.

  4. Hmm...that's odd because that's what our proposal was too and we thought that's why we did get funded. We were able to show that Mississauga has terrible wait lists, but I would imagine the same is true for downtown. Let them know they can talk to me if they want (though how helpful it will be I dunno)