Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The races so far. Part 1.

I started treadmill running in November 2009, totally wimping out of Canadian winter.  I'd only lived here for 42 years, so I wasn't acclimatized yet.  That first run in March on the road was an eye-opener -- much harder.  I felt like I was starting all over.

I convinced my husband, an occasional runner, to sign up for a motivational race.  First one was a 5k along the Toronto Waterfront Trail in April - the Earth Run - done with a couple of friends who were also new runners.  As you might expect, the race was  all about the environment blah blah blah, so no bibs, no porta-potties, no water, no timing. Also wasn't really 5km, more like 4.7, though I'm not sure how that saved the planet. But we did get cool t-shirts and free passes to the Green Living Show. Finished in about 32 minutes and called it a PR.

April 2010.  That's me (reflecting), husband Phil (middle),
runner friends Melodie and Tim (far right) and Melodie's husband Steve.

Being a non-runner, Steve walked the 5k and reported later that cops were dragging a body out of Lake Ontario as we ran past.  I know Toronto's a big city, but this was unusual.  None of the runners noticed. 

Summary: Short course past a crime scene, no water. We were hooked!
Brush with greatness:  Corpse, but I never did find out who it was.

The next race was part of Mississauga's Bread & Honey Festival in June.  My colleague, a marathon runner, convinced me 15k was no big deal.  This was also my first exposure to seasoned runners' under-estimation of hilliness.  Rained for the first half.  It took me 1:41:xx and speedy Phil finished in 1:19:xx.

But the medal (our first!) was SHAPED LIKE A BEE.  What's better than that?
Rain had made the blackberry all blurry.  We WAITED for this photo op.

Summary: Well run event, good community vibe and coolest medal ever.
Brush with greatness:  146 year old Mississauga Mayor
Hurricane Hazel McCallion.

Next ran the Pride & Remembrance 5k as part of Gay Pride celebrations downtown. The race was on July 3 and didn't start until 10am.  It must have been 32C (89F) by that time, but I guess with all the previous night's festivities, they were afraid no one would show up any earlier.

Forgot the camera, but this picture captures the spirit of the morning.  Fabulous!
 Finished the race in 31:12 (PR!) and Phil was ridiculously faster than that.

Summary: Great atmosphere, well organized, awesome costumes.
Brush with greatness:  Judy Garland and Olympic skater Brian Orser.

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