Sunday, 14 November 2010

The races so far. Part 3

After the high that was the Waterfront half, I was pumped to keep racing.  We signed up for the Zoo Run October 16 and had a blast.  No big hills, but lots of small ones.  It felt like we were never running flat.   I've really got to learn to take in my surroundings a bit more though, since the only animals I saw were Canada Geese.  I dodge enough of those (and their poop) along the lake and the Humber River trail.  Other people say there was a zebra and some monkeys out.  Finished in 1:08:xx; PR in a race but I've done it faster in training.

Summary:  Cool day, animals hiding, giraffe on medal.
Brush with greatness:  We thought the guy from Blue Rodeo was there, but it wasn't him. Does that count?

The next weekend we ran the inaugural Audi Best Buddies 10k, which had to be my favourite race so far and taught me to sign up quick for races that have high-end cars in their names.  It started and ended at Shops of Don Mills, which is a new outdoor chi-chi-la-la plaza in suburban Toronto.  There was a chance to win an Audi SUV for 6 months, followed by an Audi convertible for the next 6 months.  I was sure I would win the raffle.  They also said they would have celebrities, which I glossed over quickly as I still had free cars on my mind.  The day was wet and cold and the 10k went in and out of Sunnybrook Park (very nice) with lots of hills (not very nice).  I finished in 1:07:xx (another PR). 

First time I`ve ever chicked a guy!

They had hot mini ham and cheese sandwiches with a hash brown (yum!) and we continued to hang out in the rain for the car draw.  Luckily, Starbucks was open by then, so we could be warm at least on the inside. Little did I know that we were about to be dazzled by celebrities.  2010 Olympic medalists at every turn, someone from the original 90210 and some actors from a new Canadian show whom I didn`t recognize. Dazzling!  Reid Coolsaet, that super fast Canadian runner, was there too, so I picked him to stand with for the picture.

Me, Reid Coolsaet, Gold medal Ice Dancers Scott Moir & Tessa Virtue, Phil, Tim,
 Gold medal Freestyle Skier Alex Bilodeau and Bronze Medal skater Joannie Rochette. 
 Summary:  Didn't win a car, excellent medal, silver blanket (for a 10k?) and snacks, learned importance of hillwork.
Brush with greatness:  Too many to mention again (see above photo op).

Finally, last weekend we raced Hamilton's Road2Hope half.  Signed up a couple weeks before, really didn't put any heart into training and boy did it show.  I realized that I need to take these things more seriously if I want to improve my time.  Finished in 2:31:35 (9 minutes slower than my PR) and Phil AGAIN beat his PR to come in at 1:51:02.  We went with our friend Mel who also smashed her half PR.  Woot woot!

Most (all?) of the water stations were manned by high school students who were great at cheering.  At the last one, I was coming in without other runners around and I think they were bored.  There had to be 20 of them all asking "Water?  Do you want some water?  How about some water?"  I was being very polite - "No, thanks.  I'm good, thanks.  Got my own, thanks" until one guy yelled at them "LEAVE HER ALONE ALREADY!  GET OFF HER BACK! SHE DOESN'T WANT ANY!"  It was very funny.

But the best part was stalking TWO bloggers whom I have been reading since last year -- the fashionable Laura and the red M&M herself, Marlene.  Both ladies are as sweet in person as they seem on their blogs.  I caught Laura just before she left to get to the start line for the marathon, so didn't snag a picture, but managed to see hubby-supporting Marlene on the sidelines somewhere along the half route and yelled to her.  Then I continued my stalking as she  waited for him at the finish line.  Very cool.

Marlene is the nicest woman ever.

Mel had forgotten she put her gloves in her hat;
she doesn't usually wear it like that.

Summary:  Flat/downhill course, fabulous soup post-race. Let's not talk about the gravel finish or the 3-mile long last kilometre.  I'd rather forget.
Brush with greatness:  Laura and Marlene, of course.

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