Monday, 3 January 2011

Boxing Day 10 miler report and 2011 goals

Yah, I'm a little behind here.  We left for skiing after the race and the wifi was less than optimal at the resort.  I absolutely did not have patience for the slow connection during this vacation because there was so much other stuff to do once the lifts closed -- sitting on the couch watching lurid American ads, for example.  Really?  Penile enhancement TV commercials?  I didn't know what I was missing north of the border.

The second half of the Boxing Day 10 miler in Hamilton was brutal ... don't let Marlene or Cynthia fool you.  I did manage a 13 minute PR (I knew it would be so much better than Acura) but absolutely sucked wind going up the mountain. I had hoped to finish under 1:50 and really really really wanted 1:45 but managed 1:52:20.  I bow to those hills and to those who can run them.  Phil rocked a one second PR for 1:26:xx. 

The snowman mittens are quite cool and the medal may be my new favourite.

We drove partway to Vermont that evening, staying in Belleville using Phil's Marriott points, like we usually do.  Then 5 more hours drive to Smugglers' Notch Resort the next day.  If you're looking for a northeast family ski place, this has got to be it.  Very friendly, easy lifts, lots of stuff for kids to do but you can also avoid them if you want.  We have the exact best 2-bedroom condo figured out -- Willows 24 -- write that down.  Oh and neither of us took running shoes and I'm okay with that.

The weather was amazing and the skiing was great.  I even ventured down my first blue run.  The other three mastered some black diamonds -- no thank you for me.  And this year we only lost one camera and a pair of glasses.  Not bad!

Charlie rocked the Ninja Skier vibe.

As for 2011, I have some goals that I believe are do-able.  Can't commit yet to the full year of races as I'm so unsure of my schedule.

1.  Sub 30 minute 5k -- I think I can do this now, but haven't tried in a while.
2.  Sub 60 minute 10k -- best time so far is 1:07.
3.  Sub 2:15 at Toronto Women's Half in May.
4.  Redemption at the Acura 10 miler in July.
5.  Sub 2 hour at Scotiabank Waterfront Half in October -- stretch goal, but if I can do it anywhere, it's there.

I've devised a plan which may be absolutely unreasonable once I'm back on call, but I dare to dream.  Speed or hillwork every week on Wednesdays, easy mid-distance Fridays, long runs on Sundays, and I'm still doing bootcamp Tuesdays and Thursdays most weeks.

Happy new year!  I'm really enjoying reading everyone's goals.


  1. We must have seen each other as our times our close! I will admit the hill killed me and I use to run ski hills last summer!! Great race overall though :) I will see you at some races this year as Acura is on my list and potentially a Scotia Half or Full! Happy New Year :)

  2. The ski trip sounds great! Way to go on a big PR time in the race. Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks! @ Cynthia; our times are not close, you speedster, but thanks for the thought! We should let each other know what colour we're wearing next time so we'll figure it out.

  4. Wow a place that has snow! wait ... you had to drive for 300 hours to the US ... never mind.

    I thought it was Horseshoe of Blue Mountain. Then I got sad again. We cross-countried on gravel, grass, mud and some white stuff (I think they call it snow) over the holidays cuz the slopes where terrible here.

    BTW no cheese in my diet at all even when I'm not on the high-protein diet.

  5. Thanks for the Sherway Yak Trax note, I've cancelled my order and I'll check them out today.

  6. what a great looking ski trip! Good luck with your goals, I know what you mean about being ambitious about the year, I'm already having second thoughts about my goals : )

  7. I think your plan looks really good and even if you miss a few here and there you'll still be doing great!

  8. Your 2011 goals look pretty good! I'm planning to do a 5K in 30 minutes or less this year too.
    That ski place looks good! I betcha you had a good time.

  9. Your goals look a lot like mine!

    So, did watching the penile enlargement ads help your visual interpretation of my run last Monday? Actually, we noticed a few years ago that the google maps drawing of the path around the local lake did look a lot like a "boy part" so we nicknamed it Lake Boy Part (or Lake BP for short)...LOL..

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm gonna follow you now. I like your style!