Sunday, 30 June 2013

Where does the time go?

Lost my mojo for blogging for a while, but am pumped now.  I decided that I simply didn't have the time or interest in training for longer races any more.  Needing to put aside an hour or two every single time I ran led to not going at all, which led to misery at the races. So I've pretty much dropped all but the 5k, and I really am training for them.  Thirty minute training runs are much more doable and, compared to a half marathon, I just don't have to run as far!

And lots has been happening -- at our practice we finally finished renovations and moved into our new space, which we're loving.

The shopping and deciding was fun for a while, but if I ever
have to enter another lighting store, I might lose it.

Phil was working like a dog on a business book about his specialty -- organizational change -- and was published in March this year.  So proud.  There's been a whirlwind of speaking engagements, interviews, reviews, projects, etc.  You can read all about it at his blog Making Change.

The first shipment had just arrived, and he
was colour coordinated!

I got back into the running swing of things in March with the Achilles St. Patrick's Day 5k.  I took almost 32 minutes to run it (see earlier reference to not running at all), and have run five others since then with improvement each time (except let's not talk about the Harry's Spring Run Off as that hill is just stupid).  The most fabulous was yesterday's Pride and Remembrance Run.  So fun and a huge PR for me down to 27:35.  Still a lot of room for improvement, but it's great to be able to see progress for a change.

I'm still doing bootcamp twice weekly, then I do 10 x 400m intervals at the lake on Sundays, unless there's a race, hills on Wednesdays and at least 2 other easy 5k runs around the neighbourhood.  Nothing takes more than an hour.

With Phil, Mel, Steve and better-than-a-mascot
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.  So cool.
Team Beaverhausen 2013.  The only thing missing in this race
is medals, so I made some for the team this year.

 I have been sporadically keeping up with my bloglist and hopefully some of my favourites who have also been silent will make a comeback too!