Tuesday, 29 October 2013

So much for that.

My plan was to devote the year to faster, shorter races, since I was having trouble finding big enough chunks of time to devote to half or full marathon training.  Guess what?  Short race training gets boring quicker.

We ran Erica's Wish in Mississauga August 11 for the third time and there were indeed cupcakes, but I went for the bag of chips instead.  Yum.  Came in at 28:42.  Not a PR.  I'm blaming the loose gravel portion for slowing me down.

September was busy.  The Energizer Night Race in Sunnybrook Park is a favourite.  Registering comes with a headlamp. Phil did the 10k but I did the 5k.  My Garmin conked out two minutes before the start of the race, so I had to run this one naked, which was a first.  I had no clue how far I was unless I happened to see the marker.  It's similar to how I drive now with GPS -- doggedly following instructions and having no knowledge about where I am or how to get home from an unfamiliar area.  Brainless!  That's me.  So I concentrated on keeping my breathing steady instead of counting down the meters like I usually do.  It also helped that I was right near an irritating couple who dressed as bride and groom since it was their 14th wedding anniversary.  I think they told every single runner in the race and photobombed every picture they could.  But what was really annoying is that they beat me, though I came in at 28:04 trying to catch them.  Still not a PR, but it was only last year I was happy to just be under 30:00.

Some people chose to run with fluorescent tube lights instead.
The very next morning, we ran the B&O Yorkville 5k.  This had been my PR before this year's awesome Pride Run and, as we had so many Team Beaverhausen folks running, I thought I might improve that, but was about 13 seconds shy coming in at 27:47.  Being in Yorkville, this run provides very well for its racers -- a flat downtown course, chi chi snacks with espresso post race and indoor Hazelton Lanes washrooms or porta potties, your choice.  An area real estate agent even picked up the tab for pictures so they were free!  I like the way rich people think.  It starts and ends right in front of a huge Nike store, and every year I'm astounded that they're not open for business during the race.

September 21 we did the Oasis Zoo Run.  I did the 10k with Phil and some friends of ours who are new to racing.  Poured rain the whole time and I'm convinced they added some hills at the end.  Again this race, I somehow missed seeing most of the animals, except a large group of flamingos (flamingoes? flaminga? flamingi?)  I had hoped to finally break the hour mark, but no such luck.  Came in at 1:02:06, a full 5 minutes faster than last time I ran it three or four years ago. So there's that.

Oh, and guess who won?

'Nuff said.
So to squash the boredom a little, I signed up for the Road to Hope half marathon in Hamilton coming up on Sunday.  I've run this one twice before, but had never really prepared for it.  It's actually a good race, not too crowded and with a large downhill portion.  My long runs have been going well, so I'm optimistic I'll get a PR, barring catastrophe. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Have a great race on Sunday!! Knock em dead.