Sunday, 29 May 2011

Earth Run 5K race report

It's been a busy weekend.  Two races in two days.

We wanted to run the Earth Run 5K again this year, since it was our first race ever.  Last year, the course was short, had no timing (except our Garmins), and no water, but cool t-shirts.  This year, big changes -- they added a 10K.  OK that was the only change.  It's a little race in Toronto; I think it's bigger in Vancouver and other cities where they like trees.
I decided to just run the 5k as I had a half-marathon the next day and didn't want to destroy myself.  Phil joined me in the shorter distance.  Sort of.  See, the race organizers were great, but probably didn't have so much race experience and didn't send the marshalls out onto the course early enough.  Since Phil is so speedy, he unknowingly passed the guy on the way to his station.  AND HE WAS AT THE VERY FRONT OF THE PACK (so lonely) and no one told him when to turn.  The course map was a little shy on details:

He still doesn't want to discuss it.  He would have won the whole thing (a hearty round of applause, not the Earth itself) if only we had all run 6.9km. 

And guess what?  I WAS SECOND CHICK!  Unfortunately, this is not recorded anywhere, so you'll have to take my word for it.  Yes, the race was THAT small that I placed among the females.  I can't tell you how many dozen walkers hundreds I had to beat for that honour.  And I would totally count this as a PR, and a smack-down of my 2011 under-30-minute-5k goal, except that once the marshall did get to the station, he turned us short so my splits were:

That's not 5 Ks.  I forgot to turn my Garmin off for about 15 seconds too, so it could have been even better.  If you extrapolate (go it) you'll see I totally would have been under 30 minutes by 40 seconds or so.  But I stopped running when I got back to the makeshift finish sign, even though it would have been fine to just keep going to 3.11.  Damn.  

Next 5k is on our airport's runway, where we will both be vindicated!  I'll post about the Toronto Women's Half Marathon tomorrow.

I can't seem to make comments on anyone's blogs -- is it me or is it blogger?


  1. Sweetie, your 'almost PR' counts in my book!

    Love, Phil ('first time I have ever been at the front of a race' runner)

  2. ahhhh ... that sucks. Wait till it shows up on RoadRaceResults. If it has an asterix then hey don't count it. But I bet you there won't be any asterix!

    i hope the bread and honey (15k) is measured!

  3. Blogger is so frustrating lately. I can only comment from Firefox.

    Congrats on the "5K" - don't worry, you'll make that sub-30 official soon!

    Sounds like an interesting race... I'll be sure NOT to mark that one on my calendar. ;)

  4. Congrats on a cool race! Can't wait to read about the TO half...

  5. I did the runway run last was a great run. It sold out quickly this year though. A few of my friends tried to register for it quite some time ago but it was already capped.I can't wait to read about the 1/2. That's one I'd LOVE to do maybe next year.

  6. Second chick!

    A friend of mine is having similar troubles commenting on Blogger.

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