Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mercedes Benz Oakville 10k

So shiny.
Last Sunday's 10k was fabulous, even though I didn't win the year lease on the Mercedes.  The medal will have to get me through the disappointment.

It was a beautful day with sunshine, finally.  Phil, Mel, Steve and I made the trek to Oakville for the 8am race start.  After the previous week's downhill race, where everyone I know got a PR, I was worried I would produce a dismal time failure comparatively, so pretended that Sporting Life never happened and aimed to beat my previous time of 1:04:58.

The course was flat and mostly run through higher end Oakville neighbourhoods.  I was having trouble seeing what my pace was with my contact lenses in.  Getting older sucks!  So I just tried to keep a pace that made me breathe harder but didn't knock me out completely.

And it worked!  I came in chip time at 1:01:39, which is only 9 seconds slower than the downhill race.  Sweet!  So no more excuses -- I can run faster and I WILL beat the 60 minute 10k this season.

The others had a great race too.  Newby runner Steve posted a PR of 1:00:00 after sailing past me, not breaking a sweat, at 7k or so. "Oh, hi Barb..."  Damn.

Restraining order
says 200m, buddy. 
Back off!
Next Sunday I'll be cheering on Phil as he runs the Mississauga Half Marathon.

And the non-running excitement this week included the opening of our fabulous new pool.  THAT was a long winter! This will be nice to jump into after the steaming hot long runs in July.

 Here's the first jump:


  1. awe, I missed this one! I kept looking at it and looking at it, and then I picked a race in Kingston on May 1 (that I ended up cancelling) and forgot about it!

    Go Phil!!!

    Advice for Phil, "When you start, don't think of Hazel in Lulu Lemons it will throw off your running!"

  2. That's awesome time!!!! Congrats :).I really wanted to do the Oakville one too but my injured stabilizer was starting to hurt following the SL 10k so I decided to pass. I really wanted that medal though. It's so shiny :)

  3. Good job on that PR.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog earlier this week. My running friends are quite an awesome bunch of folks.

  4. great job!

    and awesome Sporting Life Race. I really wanna do that race next year!

  5. You will definitely get your goal for your 10k : )

  6. Dang!!!! I want this medal!! So cute!!

  7. You're right the Co***om shack is pretty close to H**ters.