Friday, 20 May 2011

Toronto Women's Run Half Marathon Bib available

I'm running this fabulous half marathon May 29 in Sunnybrook Park know the kind with firemen, chocolate, necklaces and, most importantly, 99% of the people using the portapotties are NOT men.  I'm just saying.

I had signed up months ago as this race sells out fast, and the friend I was running it with has just bowed out with injury.  Anyone want a free bib?  She just wants to keep the tech shirt (judge not this close to the rapture).

I'll still have fun, as my niece has signed up for the 5K, so you don't even have to hang out with me.

First come first served!


  1. I'll start working on my mum, haha. But I don't have high hopes.

  2. I love that race, can't do it this year because I'm running Ottawa, but will definitely be back next year.Have a great race and enjoy the firemen...yummmy

  3. Have a great race this weekend!